World-first online program to replace learner driver test

Posted on September 18th, 2017  | Melanie Fuller

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Queensland’s next generation of young drivers will be the first in the world to undergo an online learner driver education program before they get behind a wheel.

The PrepL eLearning program will take learners through a 4-6 hour online interactive course that includes simulated driving scenarios and powerful real-life interviews with those affected by fatal car crashes.

PrepL is being developed in collaboration with the Department of Transport and Main Roads by Croomo, a pioneering Brisbane technology company.

Croomo Chief Growth Officer Daniel Bermingham said a team of up to 20 designers, artists, developers and strategists had been working on PrepL for almost two years.

“The Queensland Government is putting itself at the forefront of road safety in Australia and the world,” Mr Bermingham said.

“Last year, 250 people died on Queensland roads alone, so I believe that PrepL has the potential to save many lives in the future.

“Students don’t just learn the road rules with PrepL, they learn why it’s important to have the right attitude, and, in a virtual environment, they experience the consequences of poor driving.”

Mr Bermingham believes the eLearning program is a proud world-first capable of ensuring our next generation of drivers are better prepared for the road than any before.

“Young people are very comfortable with technology and we believe they will enjoy the PrepL experience, while gaining valuable knowledge,” he said.

“In some scenarios, they really will be in the driver’s seat and have to react appropriately to potential dangers.

“They will also see and hear the true-life stories of people affected by fatal accidents including paramedics, firefighters and the loved ones left behind.”

Renowned Queensland researchers also appear in video clips to explain in clinical detail why our brains can’t cope with texting and driving, how alcohol impairs judgement and how seatbelts save lives.

Learner drivers will cover the Fatal 5; signs and road rules; sharing the road and driver values.  They will unlock each section as they progress by correctly answering questions on each topic.

Unlike the current 30-question multiple choice paper test, PrepL students will have to answer more than 380 separate questions, challenges and activities.

PrepL is now undergoing advanced testing and this month 300 Queensland teenagers will take part in the first large-scale pilot program.Melanie Fuller

Mr Bermingham said Croomo had used its experience of developing interactive safety training programs for Australia’s biggest resources companies to develop PrepL.

Melanie Fuller

Marketing Manager - Croomo

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