Winning the Competition

Leann Webb, Managing Director - Aurora Marketing

Any business involved in tendering for new work opportunities needs to understand the bid mindset ─ recognising that a tender is a competition and not a test. Once the penny drops that there can only be one winner, it transforms the way bid teams behave. Instead of focusing on compliance and ticking boxes, they step up their game to deliver the best possible solution and prepare a submission that maximises their score.

At a recent team building event, a company had the opportunity to demonstrate how a team's competitive mindset could affect their performance. Each team's performance was impacted directly by the bid mindset they held.

The company hosted an ‘amazing race’ with teams required to collect points for reaching landmarks, attaining milestones, finding objects, collecting information and answering questions along the way.  

Some teams submitted the bare minimum to ‘tick a box’ in the questionnaire, with brief answers and minimal evidence collected. If it had been a test, they would have just scraped through with a pass. These teams gave the impression to the judges of being barely engaged.

Other teams gave more comprehensive answers, included more evidence, and went above and beyond the requirements. They completed the tasks to a much higher level and consequently scored much higher.

The top two teams clearly stood out above the others addressing every question fully, with information that went well beyond the test question and evidence that was comprehensive and detailed.  

In the end, it came down to a piece of evidence showing one team in particular was willing to do whatever necessary to succeed.

To give your team the best chance of winning, you must maximise your score – for every question, in every document, against every criteria. Take every opportunity to demonstrate that you will help the client achieve their objectives and be the best partner to work with.  

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