Why a Focus on Marketing improves the Bottom Line

Kerri Eckart, CEO, Focused Marketing

As a business owner, our days are filled to capacity and it can be easy to lose focus on the important tasks that will generate business and increase our visibility in the market. Spending our time doing the wrong things will mean we often don’t finish projects or get the results we want due to lack of focus.

As a business owner, I understand the constant pull of competing focus. From deadlines, client expectations and managing staff to building a brand and marketing the business. This is why branding & marketing often get pushed back as low priorities but this can be a costly mistake.

Why do you need to focus on becoming a marketing centric business?

Firstly, it makes good business sense and has a positive impact to your bottom line. Marketing is about client attraction. Attracting the right clients, using the right content, on the right channels at the right time. By focusing your attention on new client attraction, you will generate leads & new business.

Secondly, your marketing is what attracts your ideal clients to you. An image, colour, or strong piece of content is what grabs attention and will resonate with your ideal clients. Get this right and the results can have a hugely positive impact for your business.

Next, by focusing on the right marketing channels you spend time talking to your ideal clients not attracting everyone then trying to weed out the time wasters. Spend time focusing your marketing efforts where you will get the biggest return on investment.

Marketing can add massive value to your business when you align it to your business goals. Understand the value it has for your business growth and align with partners to help you bring your vision to life.

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