What can Trump teach SME’s about marketing

Scott McNaught, Director - Synergy 8

In February, President Trump appointed digital marketing guru Brad Parscale as campaign manager for his 2020 re-election bid.
Three years ago Parscale was unknown in the political world. He’d never worked on a campaign, let alone a presidential campaign. Yet for many, the choice came as no surprise.
Parscale is often regarded as the man who put Trump in the Whitehouse. It started when he offered to build the Trump campaign website from his home for $1,500. By the end he was paid $94 million while managing more than 100 staff in a digital command centre, a Texas bunker known as Project Alamo.
Before the election results his strategy was often seen as a liability. Three months prior to the vote, pundits pointed out that the Clinton camp had spent $52 million on TV advertising, while the Trump camp had spent zero.
Instead Parscale devoted resources toward data analysis, search traffic, and social media. When Facebook offered to help Parscale better leverage their platform he embraced it. Setting aside office space so that Facebook representatives could work alongside his team. When Facebook made the same offer to the Clinton camp they declined it.
While some of Parscales more aggressive tactics are controversial, SME’s can definitely take a lesson from his philosophy.

Firms who continue to pour money into traditional advertising will find themselves outpaced by those embracing digital channels.

Fortunately, for many SME’s digital marketing has been a great equaliser. The barrier for entry is minuscule compared to television or radio advertising and big corporations have been slow to adapt to the trend. The opportunity for growth is enormous.

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