The Science of Seeking Attention

How Street Science are changing the game

How do you get your clients to sit up and take notice? The Street Science team know the secret formula.

Steven Liddell, Street Science

Before I was Science Steve, I was a secondary science teacher.

I’d heard all about how hard it was to engage and motivate kids. How they didn’t care. How they were fixated on their phones and devices and that learning about science was the last thing they would want to do.

National Science Week 2017 saw my Street Science team involved in a ten-day event at the EKKA, presenting daily in the famous Agricultural Hall. We were supported, and have been for the last four years, by the Australian Government’s “Inspiring Australia” program. We partnered with organisations like QUT and STEM Punks to deliver exciting, action-packed science demonstrations and hands-on activities to thrilled audiences each day.

We travel interstate to bring our shows to primary and secondary schools where we get the kids engaged, excited and enthralled about learning. All eyes on us. Not a screen in sight. Maybe you can motivate kids to learn after all!

So what’s the secret? How are we the centre of attention for audiences of thousands, week after week?

Easy. It’s our staff.

Our staff of presenters, scientists, researchers and educators are completely in love with what we do. They live and breathe science. Our training program is innovative, hands on and completely in context. From the second they join the team they’re thrown into the action to not only get a feel for our brand, and what we can bring to customers, but to be autonomous and to take pride in what they’re doing.

If you develop a staff culture that asks your employees to jump in, head first, and experiment with what they’re doing then they’re learning in context. The reasons that our science shows are so successful is that we ask the students to get involved, to get excited and to interact with what we’re doing. We use the exact same philosophy when it comes to our staff and the results speak for themselves.

Children, and clients, respond to authenticity and integrity. They know when your heart’s not in it and they disengage. Ensuring that your staff care about what they’re doing will promote a similar chemical reaction in your clients. They’ll respond, they’ll see value and they’ll engage with your business again.

The love of the business that we model through contextualised training for our staff is then passed on to our clients. Our staff are involved in our processes and decision making, they learn on the job and, as a result, they have the confidence to engage with clients on a whole new level.

Our staff care – so our clients do as well.

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