Embedding Sustainability

Adrian Vaida, Director - Sustainability Compass

The world of business is changing. We are at the start of the next industrial revolution, and we have a limited time horizon to fundamentally transform our global economy into a circular, regenerative one, accelerated by digital innovation, based on renewable energy and materials, minimized environmental impact, and where every business and individual must contribute to reaching this end goal.

If we are to succeed, business must become adept at navigating a dynamic landscape, with abundant ambiguity, complex interconnections between a large number of entities, layered impact dimensions anywhere from local to national and global, new stakeholders and performance criteria, evolving standards and delayed or altogether missing regulatory frameworks. A landscape fraught with risk for resource hungry organisations, under various constraints from their external and internal environments. But also brimming with enormous opportunity for those marching in the right direction.

In all this uncertainty, there are two things certain:

First, in this rapidly evolving economic context those who wait will be left behind. Add here that the benefit of being on the strategic front foot has been proven time and again. So why wait?

Second is that being proactive is costly. And double so. There is the cost of ‘doing’ and the opportunity cost of ‘not doing something else’. But is ‘wait and see’ a viable, cheaper option?

At Sustainability Compass we firmly believe that embedding sustainability in the core business is the right thing to do, right now. Over the last two decades, we have undertaken research on aligning processes in organisations to the requirements of sustainable development, and published sustainability reports and global coverage business sustainability materials. Most importantly, we worked within real business environments and delivered improved sustainability key performance indicators, from reduced emissions and environmental impact, lower energy and carbon footprints in operations, to releasing new, less carbon intensive products on the market. We have also improved financial metrics like energy cost and the overall manufacturing cost.

But the time for piecemeal approaches has run out. Now is the time for comprehensive action. The time when business as usual means being a sustainable business. Embedding sustainability in the core business is the smart, strategic, financially sound, future-proofing choice. With our background and experience, we are well placed to guide through a process of turning this strategic thinking into reality and immerse sustainability in the existing business governance, strategic and operational systems. Is your business ready?

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