Skydiving and the Art of Self Maintenance

Sarah Mills - Centenary Yoga

You are your business.

Running a business, we prioritise the needs and wants of others. Strong connections and  customer service are part of our DNA, and our businesses require us to be energised, creative, hard working yet balanced. As do our families.

My daughter’s 16th birthday is approaching and she wants to skydive. Unsurprising as she was an eight year old who liked to climb on our roof. Tandem skydiving is pretty safe, right?

Tomorrow, Sophie will be jumping out of a plane with her best friend. And me? When not running Centenary Yoga and caring for family, I love the beach.

Brought up in coastal UK_&_SA, sand and salt is in my blood. Long school holidays at the beach have shaped my choice of surf-side Self Maintenance. So I booked Sophie’s skydive at the Sunshine Coast and found local accommodation. I’ll witness a defining moment in my daughter’s life and relax on the beach for two whole days. 

Self-Care is not selfish or a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Running our minds and bodies into the ground in the service of our business and family is not in the best interests of either. Yes, we love what we do!! Yet our amazing physical bodies need movement, play, good food, great sleep and quality rest. Can you care for your mind and body with the same grit you apply to your business?

My passion as founder of Centenary Yoga is connecting people with Self-Care. Sure, between business and family you may be managing to work 18 hour days, 7 days a week with only the occasional collapse or sick headache. As a high school teacher with 4 children and an emerging Yoga business, (and, let’s face it, an ageing body) I needed to start listening to my own lessons and pay more attention to Self-Maintenance.

What does Self-Care look like for you? It might be one or two Yoga Classes a week where you can move, stretch, breathe, relax and reconnect with your purpose. It might be your early morning runs or weekly massage, or your surf date with mates, a hike up Mt Glorious or a couple of days to unwind at the beach.

Be creative with your Self-Maintenance but Do it. Regularly.

There is only one You and you are Irreplaceable, both in your business and your life. How do you care for You?

On a scale of 1-7, how’s your Self Maintenance? 

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