Making a difference in the world, one bladder at a time

Seipel Group is a Brisbane-based nutraceutical company. We are research and development focussed, and are the first to formulate products specifically targeting the improvement of bladder control. We sell under our brand, Seipel Health, or as white/private label under existing established brands in Australia and internationally.

As a naturopath and herbalist, I identified twenty years ago, the large need for a solution to poor bladder control. Bladder control is not a glamorous category, but I took on the challenge of bringing these issues ‘out of the closet’; destigmatising incontinence, frequency and urgency and taking a solution-based approach for the close to 400 million people affected globally (including over 4 million Australians). Seipel Group was formed and despite the obstacles experienced in being first to market, and the relentless need for ongoing research funding, we persisted. The product that began as a labour of love in a suburban house in Kelvin Grove, is now penetrating an ever-increasing number of global markets and significantly improving people’s lives. 

Being first to market is an exciting and innovative journey with many challenges not experienced for those entering an established area. Receiving a US Nutrition Business Journal Award for opening a new health category, we were instrumental in establishing a new and huge ‘white space’ for bladder control. It has taken several years for us to position ourselves as the quality leaders in this area and to capitalise on this space. 

The USA moves 65% of global dietary supplement sales, so part of our innovative strategy was how to reach maximum penetration, and become the household name for natural bladder control in the US and globally. Rather than just vertically divide the channels and brand partners, as can occur in the US, we have additionally used a horizontal and tangential approach in taking our formula to market. In addition, we decided to expand even further and developed a model where we are also a versatile ingredient, that can be combined with other ingredients to create a virtually unlimited range of formula possibilities, and fully saturate the white space we created. 

To protect our position, we have a global patent and trademark portfolio and continually undertake research of our formulas. The downside of this is the cost of securing, holding and defending our intellectual property. The funding required for this is significant, so the IP strategy needs to be aligned with the commercial feasibility of sales. 

We partner with University’s for research and government funding assistance has been available. We have 5 clinical trials to support our formulations with a sixth underway at the moment for children bedwetting. Our latest publish trial won 2018 NutraIngredients USA Natural Research of the Year Award. Regulatory compliance is another challenge, although our position is to exceed regulatory and compliance requirements which allows us to stay ahead of the industry and further hold our position as leaders in this space. The result is our entry into seven new international markets over the last two years.

We are making a difference in the world, one bladder at a time. 

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