Scaling up your business through Licencing

James Paulsen - Founder & Executive Director, International Leaders 

International Leaders has detailed the key steps for businesses to consider utilising licencing to scale up their business:

1. Ensure that your product / service has universal application and can be productised for
2. As the Founder, you need to make yourself redundant and build a strong team around
   you to run the operations;
3. This team needs to have clear direction, processes and structure to ensure uniformity of
4. Understand the cultural requirements and discipline required to successfully operate
   within your industry to allow you to choose the most appropriate licencees;
5. The licensor has to deliver above and beyond in relation to support, innovation and
   inspiration to ensure that the relationships evolve over time;
6. It is imperative the licensor continues to innovate, invest in and energise the opportunity
   for the licencees to maintain long term sustainability;
7. R & D and Innovation is paramount in any licencee business to ensure sustainability.

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