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Being one of Australia’s leading sales trainers has afforded me the opportunity to get a birdseye view of the sales landscape in Australia. After 25 years of observation, it is obvious that the landscape now has more bumps and winding roads than ever before. The way we approach sales has changed, but the 3 core facets of sales remain steadfast. 
People, Process and Performance are the 3 key facets. I've spent a lot of years analysing and evolving salespeople and their competencies, reviewing and re-imagining their sales processes, and understanding enough about them as people to improve their overall performance. The result - a quantifiable increase in profits through sales and an overall improvement in staff morale and personal power.
Consider this:-

As more competitors emerge across all sectors, never has the role of a sales professional been more critical. It’s not enough to have the right product or service - someone needs to sell it. Individuals require high confidence, a strong drive and resilience. They must be highly skilled at influencing, persuading, negotiating and closing business deals.     

Businesses design and implement a sales process because it contains a set of steps and actions, that if executed effectively, simply allows a sales professional to close more deals.  

Reality Newsflash - over 75% of B2B salespeople ‘wing’ it ... they attend client meetings with good intention & technical expertise, but they are making PR calls vs. Sales Calls ... this is due to a lack of sales leadership and lack of sales process execution    

Businesses today are linking success metrics to REMUNERATION packages ... Performance metrics allow employers to communicate expectations to their employees. Creating effective incentives that maximise employee performance can be difficult. Employees need to control their own outcomes and they need to understand how the performance metrics work, to drive success.  
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