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Ben Watts, General Manager - wattsnext

Drum role please…………….. Recruitment campaigns should start in November! Yes, November. Before Christmas celebrations kick off and that last minute scramble to hit your yearly targets…..Campaigning needs to start right now!

I know it feels uncomfortable, you are on the home stretch. You can hear the carols and smell the glazed Xmas ham’s roasting. Why would you add more tasks to your pre-Xmas task list?

“Do not wait until the new year for everyone to return and then compete with the majority for talent that is refreshed and refocused”

The unemployment rate in the Australian market is 5.2% (ABS September 2018 figures), meaning the best talent is usually employed. And businesses need to attract the best candidates from the role they are working in today. November, December & January are the months where attraction and recruitment campaigns work best. Employees are tired, they are drained and they are finishing up projects and assignments. They have one eye on their Xmas break & bonus and are limping to a fictitious finish line.

As the ‘end of the year’ finish line nears, everyone wants to finish what is on their plate. Pressure builds. Positive mindsets begin to change. Minds start to wander and self-reflection leads to questions. Do I want another year of this? Will things change? Can I advance as fast as I want to in this role? Do I need a change? Could I get more money?

“I have learnt through experience, the best talent is subconsciously open to new opportunities leading into Xmas”

Humans get satisfaction from achieving. If they feel they have achieved; the fantasy of taking a Xmas break with friends and family and returning to a brand new job is real.  An exciting new opportunity, mixed with more money, neatly wrapped in a new year start date, garnished with a big red bow displaying the words ‘fresh start’ is often more seductive before an end of year Xmas break.

Will you enjoy your Xmas dinner more knowing you have attracted and signed the best available talent for the new year?

The attraction window has opened!

“Recruitment campaigns should start in November”

If you follow the logic and want to outsource your recruitment to an expert HR team; wattsnext can manage your recruitment by the hour.

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