Old Fashioned Service

Paula Axford-Wood | General Manager | One Source

One Source was conceptualised in 2008 by Director John Brown and began trading in 2009.

Johns’ belief and basis for the business model was ‘old-fashioned service’, a model that still has strength and conviction in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

One Source have a particularly strong emphasis in the Steam and Condensate Recovering Systems, as well as Liquid Draining and Air Relief Valve Systems. A reputation enhanced by strong relationships and being the manufacturers’ representative for some of the leading global specialist pipeline component companies.

Supplying high-quality products firmly matched with technical support cannot be effective unless you have a relationship with your customer. While an e-commerce site has its place in the modern marketing world it cannot replace a knowledgeable staff member who will take your call, ask the correct technical questions to ensure you get the right product to fit your purpose and application. Information that is imperative when selling to industrial manufacturing companies.

The last few years of supply chain delivery have been challenging.  What benefit are skilled staff without goods on the shelf to sell?

When the rumblings of Covid-19 were being heard the Senior Management of One Source made a decision to rapidly import quality stock from our overseas manufacturers. A financial risk that realised significant successful outcomes over the next few years.  Ensuring stock is on hand allows our staff to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs by providing the most cost effective and reliable products and service.

Staff believing in the brand and selling the One Source image ‘creditability’ is primary. Solid industry knowledge, passion for our product and not being afraid to seek ways to add new revenue streams.

An important factor in the One Source success story has been mergers and acquisitions. 5 different business acquisitions and/or merger in 7 years - each handled in a unique financial manner.

Having robust financial discussions and reviewing financial strategies have been a key decider in the One Source successful growth trajectory.

“Small businesses devote a lot of time pretending to be bigger than what they really are…..large businesses on the other hand spend money pretending to be smaller and personalized.” “One Source will continue to grow from being a Big ‘SMALL’ business to being a small ‘BIG’ business and continue to deliver great outcomes for the customers, staff and shareholders.”

Should you require further information please contact via www.osvalve.com.au | 07 3274 5858

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