November 2023

Event & Graduation Gallery

Photo credit: QL & Josh Woning

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Presenters: Ben Watts - wattsnext

David Toohey - Fifth Eagle

Peter McKeon - Salesmasters International

Ask The Expert, Roundtable & Future Leaders Sessions


Graduated Members 

Photos:  Josh Woning

Future Leaders

Executive Members & Future Leaders

Peter Birtles, Lance Evans, James Paulsen & Stephen Beirnes

Network Connect  

Photos:  Josh Woning

James Paulsen, Dominique Lamb (QLD Small Business Commissioner) & Stephen Beirne

QL & Advisory Board 
Leanne Martin-Williams, John MacTaggart, Stephen Beirne, Peter Birtles, John Allpass, James Paulsen, Ian Runge, Stephen Copplin & Malowina Carlton

Expression of Interest

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International Leaders