Nothing is static

Chris Byrnes, Managing Director - Klyp 

Truer words have never been spoken for the online world. This is a wonderfully fearful concept that helps us to move forward as people, businesses and organisations into an expanding network of information, product and service exchange online. As marketers, we thrive on the agile nature we work within. We do, however, acknowledge that this isn’t the case for most.

In digital marketing, there are multiple channels, touch points and messages that can be controlled and utilised each day to market your product or service. It’s important to engage specialists across Search, Social, Email, Video and Automation to work together and provide holistic solutions for you and the specific customer journeys you know your customers will follow to find success.

For most companies, this means increased traffic to an optimised website. It’s important that while you may be sending your website qualified users from marketing campaigns, those users know what to do and how to do it once they get there.

Ask yourself this - Do I know how well my current marketing efforts and website are working together for new customers or clients? If yes, great job, you’re in the lead and have a head start on your competition. If the answer is no, don’t stress, it’s never too late to find out!

We have a free and easy to use Digital Impact Calculator that will help inform your current numbers and provide insight into projected numbers with improved marketing and website traffic here

Feel free to use the calculator at anytime, it is a great tool to keep on hand as your grow, optimise and expand your marketing strategy online.

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