A Chance For Real Impact Within Our Community                                            

                                                                                                                                                                   David Toohey

Some 12 years ago I was living in Poland, surrounded by such a warm and friendly community. The people had little and were so giving yet rarely did anyone ask for a hand. It seemed crazy people would go without and have even less by not communicating their needs with each other. It’s a problem seen globally.

There are so many people in need. Actual and part-time single parent families such as FIFO workers and Defence families. There are shift and emergency workers, migrants and refugees, homeless, domestic violence victims, and those living pay cheque to pay cheque. With some 25% of Australians having less than $1,000 in savings there’s a need for other forms of empowerment.

It’s difficult and costly for many to access childcare. Often very little to gain and little incentive for some people to improve their situations through work. Governments are working to have elderly remain in their homes for longer. These are growing problems in many countries with large sums continually thrown into addressing them. Tax offsets, subsidisations, social services and support organisations are all stretched yet we still have so much capacity through resources around us.

Addressing this must be done in an inclusive manner, a way to really draw on all the resources, capability and capacity that’s everywhere yet almost completely unutilised. It needs a way to incentivise people, give them reason to help each other, be fair and accessible without financial constraints which restrict so many. It just makes sense to make and use available resources that are right there in front of us, already in our community.

Mind For Me provides a way to manage many days to day needs of individuals and families. It gives people control in asking others for a hand without the pressure, without any ‘harden-up’ stigma and a positive, supportive and fair approach using points-exchange, Kind Coins. Integrity’s maintained by earning or spending Kind Coins only through help. Starting with childminding, pet sitting and help around the home or garden, the difference to real lives can be substantial.

A simple, affordable subscription model gives viability and sustainability that’s necessary. Benefits to corporate help make it available to everyone. Employee welfare, supportive corporate culture, social responsibility and simply being a part of the positive impact Mind For Me can make are all reasons for business involvement and support. 

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