Is My Business Making Me Happy?

Sourcing happiness through running your own business is different for every person and changes as you and your business evolve in your journey. Many people start their business with much energy and excitement, only to fall out of love with the business as the reality and risk of running the business becomes evident.

There are many variables inside and outside the business that may affect the level of happiness you feel.

There are 3 basic steps to identify the path to happiness:

Know yourself and what motivates you

Understand what factors of your life and work make you happy

Adapt your life and business situation to create a sense of happiness

Your own history, motivations and circumstances will play a further role in identifying the sources of happiness you may be seeking. For some, happiness is about getting rich, getting fit, control or traveling, finding true love, or owning a lot of things. For some people, happiness may include a little bit of everything.

For business owners, we have the chance to design the operations and culture of our business to be a source of happiness based on the elements we identify that make us happy.  By incorporating these factors, we can also influence the happiness of our employees, stakeholders and clients.

Aristotle also had an opinion on this topic:

“Happiness is a state of activity.”

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