Is a skills-based recovery, your way out of COVID-19?

Carl Spruce, Director of the Outsource Group (Outsource Institute (AUS) and the Australian Retail College).

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility, which is why, in my opinion, when the recent Australian Budget was handed down there was a substantial commitment within it from the Australian Government to support education and training across Australia. The government knows the importance of a skills-based recovery for Australia.

Did you know? Recognition of the need for skills by the Australian Government in 2020, has resulted in $1.2 billion funding to support 100,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships that augments a $2.8 billion commitment made earlier this year to support the work of existing apprentices. There is also $500 million, matched by the states and territories, to fund around 340,000 short courses in the sector too.

The message has never been clearer “to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now!” Being involved in the education sector for several decades, time and time again I have bear witness to government backed incentives to drive economic outcomes. The reason why I share this information with passion today is in my years of experience it has become all too apparent to me just how little awareness within industry there is around government funding which may be available to assist businesses with upskilling their workforces and subsequently increasing their competitiveness, something that has never been more vital given the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 landscape.

To address current skill shortages within Australia, Governments are providing a variety of funding options and incentives directed to minimise skills shortages, focus on training for jobs that are in demand in our critical industries, and increase the number of individuals with formal post-school qualifications.

I read an article recently online, titled “The Importance of Upskilling During Economic Downturns” which really struck a chord with me, it shared the following; When the Economy Is Down, Choose to Look Up, Upskilling is a definitive comment on a company’s belief in and commitment to a better future. Seeing an economic downturn for the opportunities it affords is difficult. But choosing to find those opportunities is a winning strategy for businesses and their workforces.

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