In 2019, what will be changing in the creative industry?

Everything will change… AGAIN. 
The arrival of major change in the creative industry is not a new phenomenon, it is a necessary and overwhelming comfort shift felt more than once before.
It was the mid 80’s, when the very first Macintosh computers complete with a young creative operators were installed in the design studios of the time. The change was as swift as it was brutal. Highly experienced artisans and entire professions ceased to exist, vaporised almost in an instant. Replaced by a new breed of technology savvy creative, with a new narrative and outlook.
Survival depended on our willingness to leverage the new thinkers to guide us out of the dark rooms of tradition and towards the digital light of future.      The speed of the change is again heartlessly vaporising those who resist it. The time to learn from the new thinkers who we don’t understand and challenge us most is here again.
Change has a passion for disruption and the best way to fight disruption is to change, to be willing to learn from those who we don’t understand and challenge us most.  
Take a good look to check if you have enough disruptors around you and open your doors to the new thinkers who do nothing similar to and everything you don’t know how to do.
Invest time listening to their ideas, what they know, what they do and what they love. With a little savvy and a lot of experience you just might discover a shortcut to the future and things can start to change, for you.
Securing a place in the future demands we harness change with all the experience and passion we have because when change feels like advantage, it’s no longer so scary. 

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