Human Efficiencies - The Next Frontier

James Paulsen - Founder & Executive Director, International Leaders

Over the last 20 years technology has increasingly played an important role in the efficiencies of individuals & companies.

The corporate world has been a leader in complimenting this technology development with a focus on human efficiencies and workplace management. The biggest challenge facing the start-up and private company sector is the lack of focus on developing human efficiencies.

Many company founders lack the basic skills in time management, process planning and personal efficiencies. Too much emphasis is based on the IP of products and services and not enough on the management skills and capability to leverage these businesses.

The answer to this challenge is the ability for founders to question and understand their own efficiency capabilities and seek best practice in time and motion as well as personal efficiency skills to maximise their opportunities.

This could be the next big thing in the company growth sector.

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