How to Stop the Risk of a Breach from Increasing

John Powell, Managing Consultant - Telstra 

There’s a young woman who lives with her extended family on a remote property, and she is lying in a hospital bed in a large city.  Her husband is nearby while she’s in hospital for several weeks but the rest of the family can only make it to the city every second weekend to visit.

Fortunately, the hospital is about to implement a video conferencing facility in their patient entertainment kiosks so that patients and families can stay in touch in these situations.

Telstra’s Business Technology Services (BTS) Red Team tested the video conference functionality of the kiosks and found a few minor weaknesses in the system.  Each one, on its own, was relatively harmless, but they also worked out that if several of these weaknesses are exploited in the right sequence then there was a major problem.

So after preparing a USB key, they gathered the hospital IT staff around an attack simulation laptop to provide a demonstration.

They plugged the USB key into a kiosk and waited.  Thirty seconds later, windows started popping up on the laptop screen.  Every window was a camera feed from the patient entertainment kiosks at every bed in the hospital.

So in a world where there are more and more network connected devices, more automation and more cyber-crime, we need to work out how to stop the risk of a breach from increasing.

How?  You need to know your weak points and take action to fix them.

Here at Telstra, we have an army of experts, world-leading security partners and state-of-the-art security operations centres, no one sees security like we do. We believe in staying vigilant and working together in a changing security landscape. That’s why we’re pleased to provide you with the Telstra Security Report 2018. Find out how to defend your organisation against threats, so you can focus on doing amazing things with your business.

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