How ChatGPT and Automation are Changing the Marketing Landscape

Michelle O'Hara - OH! Marketing

Just last month on ChatGPT we wrote a client’s radio jingle for 15 and 30 seconds, we provided 10 Brand taglines for a client’s new ESG product, we wrote ½ a website’s content, 9 blogs, got content planner ideas for 6 clients, wrote an introductory letter for a client, came up with new suggestions for lead magnets and competitions to build databases plus, wrote 3 job descriptions and an HR contract and competencies for a client – WOW!!!  I have to tell you I am LOVING this new AI product.

So, how does this affect Marketing going forward ….. here’s the thing… like any other marketing…. ChatGPT is only as good as the questions you ask it, as good as the strategic plan you follow and the consistency you adopt.

Firstly, let’s talk about the current state of the market, here’s what we are seeing across a range of industries:

1. Potential clients’ belts are tightening – they are looking for products and services that can deliver the specific value and outcomes they are looking for.

2. Finding staff is a big challenge so companies are looking to become as efficient as possible with the staff they have.

3. It’s time to own your lane and remove the painful clients (tier 3&4 clients) – and only focus on the Tier 1 & Tier 2 clients – the ones who understand the value you provide, will refer you, and you love working with.

4. The move from B2C to B2B – with our clients we are seeing a move from residential (more input required, sometimes less payoff, less margin) to B2B clients – industrial, commercial, government work – pays more and can be more stable (but beware!).

5. Social media is getting noisier so it’s harder and more expensive to stand out! You need more videos, more targeted activity.

As a result – voila!!! Enter stage left AI, automation, great processes!!


I have following a basic case study from a client of ours showing where we utilised ChatGPT and automations to make the process more efficient.

Areas to be aware of when using AI programs:

  •  incorrect or irrelevant info (remember the ChatGPT free version only pulls information to the year 2021) – it will make up information if it can’t find any.
  •  what gets spat out is only as good as the questions you ask it
  •  bias – it learns from the data you put in
  •  compliance with advertising laws (for social media)
  •  lack of depth and breadth of knowledge – something a human will always have more of  protection of your IP – remember the system remembers everything (and therefore can share it with everyone else)
  •  set and forget is dangerous – review and monitor at all times

Note: Google will start penalising organic searches if everything is ChatGPTed and you may drop Google rankings!

Marketing Tips

Beware the copy and paste marketing trap

I have already started to see it out there, you can tell when posts have literally been copied directly from ChatGPT because there is no personal touch, the services promoted are not even related to the company (sometimes even the country) and it’s all rather meh!! So be careful this is not happening with your marketing.

Be aware it’s getting noisier out there – Standing out is a must

We are noticing lately that digital channel engagement is dropping unless you are now doing reels, gifs, videos and other more exciting, relevant content. This is a result of so many companies jumping on the social media phenomenon + a mix of us consumers being super busy.

Algorithms have changed again, surprise, surprise, so now… posts (on our beloved Linkedin are sometimes taking 2 weeks to show). If you’re not using reels and stories on Facebook and Instagram you’re not being seen.

So, as the new financial year powers on, now is a good time to review your Marketing Mix strategy and make sure that what you are choosing to do going forward will return you the best results.

Delving deeper into AI for your business

Here are a list of colleagues specialising in AI in their fields:

Telecommunications – Yabbit

Business Processes/ CRMS – Rapid

Human Resources – Watts Next

Business Automations & IT – Veracity – read Bill’s article on “Claim a bonus tax deduction on your Digital Expenditure!”

How to Survive and Thrive Strategically Going Forward

Start with the clients you’ve already built trust with

We all know it’s 7 times harder to win a new client than it is to upsell to a current one or ask them to refer. Did you know it’s 60-70% easier to upsell to a client that’s purchased from you before?

If you increase your customer retention rates by just 5%, it can increase your profits by 25-95%!!

38% of customers who rate your service as good are likely to recommend you. (Qualtrics)

Right now at OH! marketing, our strategies are getting results based on the premise there are 4 Types of Customers and it’s the number 3 & 4’s you want to initially focus on. The “Keep and Grow” clients and the “Acquire New” clients. 

Utilising ChatGPT and automation to segment, fine tune, be more relevant, and sell to these clients will increase efficiencies, revenue and profit!! If you’d like to discuss this further, book in a call with Michelle.

To Acquire New Clients Ensure you align your Business, Branding, Marketing and Sales strategies going forward – The “Must Have” 9 P’s of an Effective Marketing Strategy

The 9 P’s of an effective Marketing strategy – a strong strategy requires them ALL to work together as effectively as possible.

A Strategic Marketing Channel Mix is Imperative

Further notes to go with your Strategic planning

1.     You must have a digital presence – select the 1 or 2 channels and remain consistent but a tip – you can cut back your content, the channels are so slow now that nobody is seeing your stuff for a week or so. Please, please, the goal is to get them off social media and into your database or meet them face to face, better still PICK UP THE PHONE.

2.     Google is King  play the Google game well (that doesn’t have to be through ads but if most of your business comes through Google search, it’s time to review the new algorithms again). Note, EVERYONE must be playing on Google my Business.

3.     The Customer journey is longer – the 5-20 touch points is sure moving closer to the upper end so fill the pipeline and nurture it. Remember, at least 5 follow up sales calls before people are ready to say yes – don’t give up too early. 

4.     It’s time to go traditional   we have moved our clients back into more traditional avenues such as:

  1. Sponsorships – ensuring you receive the right outcomes for your investment.
  2. Tradeshows/ Conferences – the before, during and after sales intent is imperative to ensure return on investment.
  3. Live events – info forums, masterclasses, networking events, panels – all ways to reconnect with your clients in a different way.
  4. Thank you notes or lunches – I know it seems weird but you want to cement in those top 10/20 clients so they remain with you. A thank you goes a very long way.
  5. Be memorable – use magnets, flyers, mailouts – whatever you can, to stay at the forefront of your client’s mind – as it gets busier, you want them to think of you.

Interesting times ahead for us all but remember the one thing. Whilst you may think your business is B2B or B2C – at the end of the day it’s still all P2P – person to person and as long as you can understand what people’s needs are and how you can connect with them emotionally – you are on the right track.

Reach out if you need a hand and happy Marketing.

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