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Huw Pryse Lloyd - Founder & CEO - Kzen8

There is no escaping the fact that there are a number of new technologies,  including AI, Robotics, No-Code and IoT, that are set to change the business landscape dramatically in the coming years.

Although much of the narrative in the media likes to focus on the fear factor, the reality is that the new world will have unprecedented levels of opportunity to generate revenues and increase efficiency for those individuals and businesses that are prepared. The time to start that preparation is right now.

For individuals, the new world will provide opportunities to generate income from much more creative work because repetitive work will increasingly be replaced by machines. Individuals need to specialise in solving problems and adding value in their industries in creative ways and should expect to be working on multiple projects for multiple clients anywhere in the world.

To be prepared, individuals need to understand what they are passionate about and focus on building expertise in that area. The key to success is dedication to continuous learning and personal development, both of which are readily accessible at little or no cost.

Businesses in the new world will be empowered to do a lot more with the same level of resources and will have increasing access to expertise that they can tap into as and when needed. Businesses that are prepared will be able to punch much higher than their weight, leaving the less prepared struggling to even survive.

For a business, the key to being prepared is having systems in place across all areas of the business that are flexible and can be rapidly adapted to specific industry opportunities as they present themselves. Businesses should expect multiple  opportunities in their industry and these are likely to take the form of both new sales channels and significant operational improvements.

Taking advantage of these opportunities may require significant pivoting that changes the fundamentals of the business, so having both a culture and systems in place that facilitate and embrace change is essential.

Kzen8 has developed a completely free 2 minute online assessment you can use to assess how ready your business systems are for the new world. To take the assessment for your business go to

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