From Expert to Authority (+ Why it Matters)

Petra Zink, Managing Director - Impaccct

You’ve got the degrees, you earned the credentials, you’ve gained years of experience and yet, you’ve missed out on opportunities to others, less qualified and less experienced professionals.

The reason for this is not because you’re not an expert.
It’s because you are an expert but not a trusted authority.

 What’s the difference you may wonder?

An expert is someone who has a deep level of knowledge and expertise, they know how to solve a particular problem.

An authority also has a deep level of expertise but in addition, they aren’t just able to solve a problem, but they can articular clearly how they actually go about it.

This transparency builds trust especially in this knowledge economy we’re in.

Truth told, we live in a digital-first world, with more access to knowledge and information and with that, more choice. Degrees, years of experience and expertise have become a commodity. In fact, you can be the best at what you do and still not getting the recognition or reward for it.

In this competitive world of work, having a strong foundation with expertise and experience is only the beginning.

It comes down to how well you can speak your decision maker’s language, and this is real turning point when those experts can translate their knowledge by breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand terms, explaining concepts behind results, ideas and principles in a way that resonates with an audience.

Think of scientists.

How many do you know by name? Those are experts in their field, driven by delivering a result, and immersing themselves into their chosen field. Those who can translate their findings and share it through stories and language that makes sense to the audience they want to become known by are those who become authorities.

Take Brenee Brown as an example.

She is a research professor studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. However, she didn’t stop there, being the expert in it.

Brown translated the findings from her academic research into commercial language for the leadership space and wrote five (#1 New York Times best- selling) books. This is what made her a Trusted Authority on the topic of courage and leadership.

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