Expect the Unexpected - Building Resilience with YDF

Mark Sowerby, past Queensland Entrepreneur, recently spoke about his preparation to swim the English Channel in 2015.  During his preparation and training for the swim, he realised ten swimmers had died attempting the swim.  So he decided he had to think the “unthinkable”. He had to get his affairs in order for his family.

Australia recently lost a champion. Two time Australian Iron Man Champion Dean Mercer recently passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. He left behind a wife and four boys. He was 47years of age.

So, with this in mind I want to encourage you expect the unexpected. To build your personal resilience, to protect your family, protect your business, to bounce back faster from any disaster (malicious or human error).  Tragedy does not discriminate, whether you are a CEO, a GM, a Director, an entrepreneur or a business owner.

My story starts with my Dad who was tragically diagnosed with Cancer.  Whilst my mother did her best to keep the family running and keep my Dad in good spirits, one of us was left to get all the “paperwork” together. That person was me.  It was in this moment that I decided there had to be a better solution. 

I decided that people needed to be able to trust and rely on a cloud based storage platform. A platform that could deliver on consumer trust not abuse it.  I needed to create a digital vault, for critically important documents that would be secure for people’s most valuable and critical documents. I needed to create a digital vault. Well, 11 years later here we are with a word-class, secure digital storage platform. Your Digital File.

That is my motivation. For others it might be having a digital legacy that is created for dependants. For the frequent traveller, it might be about keeping track of everything and having it safely secured and available at the touch of a button no matter where they are. For our sole business operators it may be about business continuity or delivering a better customer engagement tool, driving faster and efficient processes at the office or reduce costs. For others it’s about securing intellectual property and sensitive documents in a digital vault.

Get prepared

1.Take the time to start getting all of your affairs in order with Your Digital File

2. Tell your loved ones you love them at least once a week.

Your Digital File is a cloud based solution which allows you to store, share, collaborate, and legally sign digital documents in the safest environment. We use patented, world class data security keeping your files and your client’s files secure.

Should you require further information, please contact us: ph: 3532 3914 / 1300 791 915 | www.yourdigitalfile.com

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