Is your Company purpose-centred?

Companies that understand and communicate their purpose are more ambitious and inspire innovation. They make better business decisions that create better outcomes, they attract and engage talented staff, and they gain greater trust with more loyal customers.

Tesla doesn’t just make electric cars and battery systems—their core purpose is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Google has expanded well beyond being just a search engine via its purpose to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. 

From an owner or CEO’s point-of-view, establishing clarity of purpose empowers the decision making process at a strategic level. Knowing and embracing your company’s purpose fuels personal passion and inspiration to succeed and lead, while informing daily functions of the business—from making influential new staff hires to deciding what new products or services should or shouldn’t be created. 

From an employee perspective, knowing and understanding the reason for coming to work each day drives motivation, engagement and productivity. Staff that connect with the greater purpose of their work are more likely to generate new ideas and drive innovation. In this sense employees gain more fulfilment from doing what they love while making a difference in the world. 

Purpose-centred companies are also able to attract new talent who possess values that align with the organisation. As such any new hires will share a sense of purpose with the owners and other employees from day one. 

From the customers’ viewpoint, companies that are purpose-centred provide meaningful value rather than simply satisfying a need. Providing value not only increases the likelihood of like-minded customers doing business with the company, but it cultivates trust and loyalty which in turn generates repeat business and genuine long-term relationships. Customers that believe in your company’s purpose generally spend more and become external advocates for your brand. 

A company communicates its purpose through its brand—both internally to its owners and staff members, and externally to its customers and stakeholders—so it’s crucial that the company’s brand design conveys the purpose in messaging and visual appearance. A cohesive brand design promotes a shared understanding of why the company exists, what problem it solves, what value it provides, how it makes a difference in the world, and how the company intends to evolve itself. 

Purpose-centred companies with evocative branding are empowered to perform better and achieve greater success.

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