Everyone deserves to be safe

Danielle Appi, Partnerships & Corporate Development - RizeUp Australia

“Everyone deserves to be safe” So much more than a slogan, it’s a driving force for RizeUp Australia Chief Executive and Founder Nicolle Edwards.

As the leader of a not-for-profit organisation which provides practical support for families who have fled life-threatening domestic and family violence, Nicolle works closely with various specialist services, and for more than a decade has created a national charity which delivers ground-breaking, practical support, and importantly, a new beginning for those most vulnerable from our communities.

 Nicolle’s work in the space began in 2012, when she assisted a young woman to set up a new house after fleeing a violent relationship. It quickly became clear that there was a key piece missing in the delivery of assistance to victims of domestic and family violence, and soon afterwards, RizeUp Australia was established. Here in Australia, domestic and family violence is the biggest social injustice that confronts our communities. It affects everyone - all races, religions and social classes.  

RizeUp’s programmes promote women’s independence and decision-making in public life and relationships, which is a key outcome to preventing domestic violence. RizeUp works to shift attitudes, perceptions and challenge societal norms in Australia which have as a by-product created a toxic and unhealthy environment. It's an organisation and a service Nicolle wishes Australia didn’t need, but sadly the calls for assistance have increased at an alarming rate.

“What it’s all about is keeping dignity at the centre of this whole practical intervention. The families that we support are at the greatest risk of homicide, homelessness and terrible injury. As a community it takes a collective effort to lean in and let victims know that we are there to support them, that we recognise what they have been through and we are here to provide assistance as they hit the restart button on a life free from violence.” 

As demand for  assistance from RizeUp Australia grows, so does the size of the workforce with Nicolle currently managing more than 1000 volunteers and a team of dedicated staff across Australasia.

Nicolle is passionately committed to assisting young families as they traverse the journey from danger through to safety, with RizeUp walking alongside them, providing crucial and tactile assistance as they work to create a safe, brighter new beginning.

If you would like to learn more about how your organisation can support RizeUp and/or how your staff can get involved, email corporate@rizeup.com.au

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