Source:  March 2017 - Australian Business Acumen

Customer journey maps can build value

IT IS CALLED Customer Journey Mapping and the method is become increasingly popular as organisations seek to understand their customers’ experiences in detail.

Exponents of Customer Journey Mapping, Brisbane-based 3rdView, have charted a range of clients discovering new aspects to their businesses by clearly understanding their own current customer experiences and desired experiences.

“A Customer Journey Map is a diagram that illustrates the activities and emotions a customer goes through when engaging with an organisation around a specific goal,” 3rdView managing director Marie-Claire Grady said.

“They can be used to demonstrate the current experience, or describe desired experiences.

“The most valuable journey maps use the customer or user perspective to engage and unite teams to improve the value they deliver to customers, staff, and the business.”

Ms Grady’s team at 3rdView has developed a high level of expertise in the method and can help clients to develop skills to maximise the value of their Journey Maps.

There were three main ingredients for success in Customer Journey Mapping, Ms Grady said.

“First, make it real, or don’t make it,” she said. “Make sure that any journey is informed by actual customer experiences.”

Ms Grady said the process of uncovering the customer experience through research was incredibly powerful, and helped people eliminate assumptions “while understanding the importance of taking a customer perspective”.

“Second, engage a diverse team to explore the journey,” Ms Grady said. “Developing a Customer Journey Map is a team sport. A diverse team will connect with different aspects of the journey, and take a much broader perspective on how the organisation should respond.

“Most importantly, a diverse team will share customer stories across the organisation, achieving deeper engagement with stakeholders, and strengthening the cultural impact.”

Ms Grady said the third ingredient for success was to “maintain a large, physical, low fidelity format for as long as possible”.

“Journey Maps are a powerful story-telling tool. 3rdView Journey Maps are maintained in a rough, large format for as long as possible. People can’t help but engage with Journey Maps when they walk past, which sparks conversation and enhances engagement.”

Ms Grady said 3rdView Consulting, a Queensland Leaders Future Leaders Alumni member,would run ‘Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping’ sessions throughout 2017.


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