Consistency = Growth

Why do so many service businesses struggle to grow beyond a certain size? They have grown steadily over a long period of time and seem to be progressing well. Then suddenly, they hit a wall. Not matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to grow beyond the wall.

The owner of a commercial cleaning company came to me.  He was excellent at securing cleaning contracts with high end clients. Clients happy to pay more for a reliable, high-quality service. The owner of the cleaning company was able to consistently provide the expected level of service by being across all aspects of the business. Quickly addressing issues and problems as they arose.  He came to me when for the second time he hit the wall. On both occasions, the monthly revenue being generated was around the same amount. So, what had gone wrong? On both occasions he lost major contracts as a result a fall in standards. His span of control had grown to the point where he was no longer able to be across all aspects of his business. He had no way of knowing there was a problem until it was too late. The thing that had driven his success, a consistently high standard of service, was no longer present. As a result, his clients lost trust and therefore were no longer loyal to his company.  

Businesses that are successful in producing and selling tangible products understand the importance of ensuring their product is manufactured to a consistent standard. They put in place quality control processes to ensure customers receive products free from defects. Products that meet their customer’s needs. This inspires trust from the customer, which leads to loyal customers, resulting in higher sales and continued growth.

Consistency is just as critical for service-based businesses. So, how do you guarantee that your service is always delivered to a consistently high standard? Like manufacturing, you need to put in place quality control processes. Once you grow beyond a certain point, you need to be able to effectively delegate responsibility for the delivery of services to your employees and have the systems and processes in place for monitoring and reporting to ensure standards are consistently maintained.  Once in place, your clients will be able to trust in your business as you grow. They will remain loyal, will be more likely to acquire additional services from you and recommend you to others. All leading to increased growth for your business.  


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