Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Steve Martin, Managing Director - MC Global 

In the early 80s, my career in the IT industry started when a 5MB hard disk was the size of a washing machine and could break your arm if you weren’t careful.

After 14 years as a Systems Specialist on industrial control systems, I started my own consultancy business in the oil and gas industry. The job was both rewarding and challenging, but I quickly discovered that I was a one-man consultancy which was difficult to expand.

Around the same time, I also discovered that my clients would benefit from a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to manage their growing number of assets and facilities. Managing their maintenance and compliance tasks on spreadsheets was time consuming and error prone activity.

As a consultant, this was an ideal opportunity to research the various products available and to find a system that was web-based, easy to use and had all of the functionality required to automate the management of their maintenance and regulatory compliance.

After the successful implementation of the first few CMMS projects, I created a new company in 2007. My prior experience with industrial control systems also provided the knowledge and experience to integrate the asset management systems with live data from the client’s equipment to further streamline and automate their solution. People now refer to this type of integration as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2009 the company began operations in the UK to provide the same solutions to Europe. We renamed to MC Global Solutions in 2015 to highlight the fact that we were now a Global solution provider with customers in 14 countries, providing a complete integrated solution for any business with Assets and facilities.

There are still huge opportunities to improve Asset maintenance around the world and we continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers, including integrated Predictive Maintenance systems which use artificial intelligence (AI) to schedule to best time to repair equipment prior to failure.

Whether a business needs their asset management to be tightly integrated with purchasing, FDA compliance or their ERP we are always ready to listen to their needs and suggest carefully considered solutions to improve the way their business operates. Having started my career when a 5MB HDD was the size of a washing machine, we can now receive our daily tasks and close out the work on a phone that fits in your pocket.

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