Case Study:

VAE Group (Growth, Networks, Investment)

VAE Group became involved with Queensland Leaders in 2013. Since that time, the business has grown from its local beginnings to being a national and international leader in the HVAC sector.

Being part of Queensland Leaders was driven by a need to understand how to best scale and take advantage of the opportunities ahead at a national and international level. It also opened significant new professional networks to support this journey.

The business was surrounded with Industry Experts and Leaders who provided support, expertise and guidance to enhance decisions and provide new thinking.

Most recently, the business has a secured significant equity investment from a European-based global leader in the sector to enable further scaling up, opening new markets, and continued investment into innovate products and services.

“Queensland Leaders introduced me to a network of local industry professionals who in turn accelerated my business knowledge and gave me access to their networks to help me navigate many of the hurdles a growing company encounters”

Ben Carter, Managing Director, VAE Group

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