Blue Hearts

Joshua Ryan of JMR.IT, and his wife Holly gave birth to their first child in January last year. Bluey was born sleeping, just 10 days away from his scheduled delivery date, without rhyme or reason. The report showed that he was otherwise perfectly healthy and ready for the world. They are now trying to turn their personal tragedy into something positive, so that other parents do not have to endure the heartbreak of giving birth to a sleeping baby. 

Please join them for a night of good food, good wine and goodwill, to help reduce the heartbreaking prevalence of Stillbirth, in honour of Bluey Ryan, and all babies born sleeping.

Why support this cause? 

2,200 babies are Stillborn per year in Australia, who never get to take their first breath, and devastated parents are left with empty arms and without answers. Stillbirth is the number one killer of children under 2, and yet, it is a little-known issue; a ‘taboo’ topic, seen as a private tragedy, rather than the national health issue that it is. The rate of Stillbirth in Australia is 6 babies a day. To put this into perspective:

  • SIDS claimed the life of 1 baby per day until Red Nose was established, reducing this number to 1 baby per week;
  • Breast Cancer claims the lives of 8 women per day;
  • 8 lives per day are lost to suicide;
  • Listeria claims 1 life per year;
  • The national road toll claims 3 lives per day.

Breast Cancer and SIDS are two heartbreaking health issues that have been the beneficiaries of significant public awareness and government funding. Campaigning, fundraising and research has resulted in a 16% (Breast Cancer) and 85% (SIDS) reduction in lives lost since 1990 & 1994 respectively. However, the rate of Stillbirth has not changed in over 20 years, has received little 'air time' and no government funding. Imagine if we could have this same impact on Stillbirth rates!

Please help them to change this heartbreaking statistic, so that other parents do not have to endure the heartbreak of giving birth to a sleeping baby.

Further details about the evening can be found here:

They are also seeking unique ‘money can’t buy’ auction and raffle items for the event, please reach out if you think you may be able to provide support in this way and email: 

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