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Luke Forrest, Director - Forrest Electrical Group
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Forrest Electrical Group creates smart electrical solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout South-East Queensland.  From the installation of a simple dimmer switch to integrated lighting, music, access control and security systems that can be run by a smart device with an overlayed control system, our projects encompass the full spectrum of electrical and audio-visual works.

 We have been involved in the industry for 25 years, witnessing the introduction of sophisticated automation and control systems.  The rapid increase in demand for automated electrical systems has been aided by the release of products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and there is also the timely linkage with energy efficiency.  Sensible programming, such as movement-sensitive lighting, is enabling homes and businesses to perform with better environmental responsibility.

As in most areas of modern life, the technology moves fast and product choice can be overwhelming.  Our clients are wondering what automation products they should use and which are reliable, and it’s our job to navigate these waters.  Narrowing down the appropriate product always starts with questions: How does the device need to work? Is it Bluetooth-based for access while you’re home, or WiFi-based, so that you can control it from anywhere in the world?  Does it require secure keypad coding for 10 different users?  We like to spend time with clients to educate them in all options, so they can feel empowered to ultimately decide what will best suit their requirements.

Introducing sophisticated technology raises occasional concerns for our customers, and our industry is not immune to questions of internet-based security threats (mitigated by ensuring we use all manufacturers’ security protocols to protect our clients) and future-proofing. With regard to this, the fact is most of these automated technologies have been around for many years already but, until now, not at an accessible price point.  They have and will continue to require software updates etc., but rather than panicking about obsolescence, we choose to minimise risk by dealing only with reputable suppliers and encouraging clients to maintain current software.  

Of course technology constantly improves, but this is a positive thing as its applications become broader, enabling us to diversify across sectors and reach new users.  There are currently possibilities within the disabled sector, as automated technology is being introduced to improve the lifestyle and capabilities of disabled persons in the community.

Opportunity is knocking everywhere we turn, and it’s an exciting time.

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