Attain & Maintain Health to Succeed

Pettina Stanghon, Director - Noosa Confidential

The importance of mental health for yourself as a business owner or director and your staff, is often not the highest priority, particularly when you are an SME or you’re in the early stages of growing your business.

We work all the hours required and make sacrifices to reach our vision and often, if we are lucky, we have colleagues who are inspired by your vision and equally willing to invest time and energy. This was certainly the case for me when I started Noosa Confidential and for my core team, most of whom are still with me five years on. However, in that time, in order to retain my staff, I have definitely had to get clear on our company values, culture and practices to reflect the mental health strategies we teach our clients!

Most businesses have the best intentions, many have protocols and EAP support for staff members in crisis however very few, actually seek to run the business day to day, in such a way that mental and physical wellbeing is optimised. This is hard to fathom when you consider the harsh reality that depression and anxiety are on the rise and we know this will impact the business in terms of productivity and sick days, not to mention morale.

The process we have developed and apply in our programs reflects a whole life health approach, which in businesses as well as families and teams must be modelled from the top down and applied in all areas, from diet to sleep, movement, values and interpersonal relationships and is definitely not based on the “work life balance” myth.

In our residential programs, we work with executives and entrepreneurs who are willing to re-examine priorities predominantly because they have reached crisis point in the form of depression, anxiety, chronic illness or addiction. Crisis allows us the opportunity to review and revisit our “why”. Why did I want to build a business? What does a quality life look like? Frequently the foundations required to attain and maintain “health”, which surely cannot be overlooked in terms of a primary asset for the business and personally, have been sacrificed in order to “succeed” and be seen as a success.

Most entrepreneurs accept growing a business requires the ability to endure discomfort, however personal growth and vulnerability are still seen as less than desirable and it is this cultural shift we are looking to contribute to.

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