AI a critical step for your business

Ty Osborne, CEO - Brainstorm

The internet captured attention in the 00’s; Madonna in the 80’s. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the number one trending topic in Business this year. Is there anyone out there that hasn’t heard the term ‘AI’ or ‘ChatGTP'?  Since its launch in December last year, ChatGTP exploded to 180.5 million users.  According to a 2023 survey, 25% of US companies saved $50K-$70K using ChatGPT, while 11% saved over $100K.

The key takeaway is, every company should embrace AI to improve their bottom line. Consider this question: If basic AI technology can lead to significant cost savings for your company, what are the potential benefits of integrating AI more extensively into your operations? Actively consider AI for your business and act now.

I predict any company in my line of work, Software, that doesn’t embrace AI will be obsolete in the next 3-5 years. My intention isn’t to alarm businesses but rather to encourage them to remain competitive and level the playing field with their competitors that adopt AI.

So how is BrainStorm Software embracing AI? We are generating more of our own AI technology. About seven years ago our company created its own RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform ‘The BRAiN’. It has evolved to be more intelligent through the data it’s exposed to. Remember, AI doesn’t think at all, it only knows what it has learned.

The more data you have, the better your AI will be. While not all data is created equal, it’s important to make sure you're collecting the right data, and that it's well-organised and easy to analyse. Once you have a good foundation of data, you can start building AI models that will help you make better decisions, improve your operations, and ultimately, grow your business.

The companies that will be most successful in the age of AI are the ones that are willing to invest in data collection and storage.  Those without good historical data will have a bigger challenge as they try to embed AI technology into their business processes, and could get left behind. So start collecting your data today, and start building your AI future.

BrainStorm builds and implements software solutions to give scaling businesses an unfair advantage over their competition.

We believe software should be the servant of the business and never its master, meaning our solutions fit perfectly, resolve the headaches of disconnected systems, to maximise efficiency, increase revenue, decrease cost and ultimately make our customers more money. Without Data, there is only so much a software application can do.

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