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Peter McKeon, CEO - Salesmasters International

'Obtaining a lead is one thing in sales, but it is actually the conversion of that lead that at the end of the day really matters. Lead conversion is one of nine key KPIs we measure in sales, and it is probably the most well-known. So, what does it mean?'

Ty Osborne, CEO - Brainstorm 

'The more data you have, the better your AI will be. While not all data is created equal, it’s important to make sure you're collecting the right data, and that it's well-organised and easy to analyse.'

Frank Cassells - Director, Cassells / Resolutum 

'This blend of tangible and intangible hazards creates a unique challenge for employers. While we are accustomed to solving problems with well-defined processes, addressing human behaviour is not always straightforward.'

The security posture of a third party directly impacts your organization. A breach in their systems can easily translate to a breach in yours, especially if they have access to your data or IT infrastructure.

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