Innovation and Sustainability

How can my business achieve Innovation and Sustainability?

Change is constant. Change presents challenges and creates opportunities. As businesses continue to adapt, the three key drivers of value are considered to be innovation, intellectual property and brand differentiation. To stay ahead of the game and lift the barriers to entry, innovation is crucial. To take that a step further, sustainability is the art of innovation whilst maintaining a reliable and balanced business that delivers against growth aspirations.

Case Study: PTE Hydraulics

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, PTE Hydraulics was confronted with stagnant sales in a mature market with increased competition. To add to this uncomfortable situation, the largest customer accounted for almost one-third of revenue.

With a drive for greater sustainability, the founder discovered Queensland Leaders. The ‘Ask the Expert’ and workshop sessions proved to be crucial in guiding the business turnaround and inspiring the launch of new products and services.


The Queensland Leaders experience has played a significant role in how we addressed our challenges. Through the time-efficient structure and format, I was empowered with new skills and ideas to lead the business towards a more sustainable future.

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